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   Dr. Ken Massey


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Brickner  Mayor Brickner in Farmington Hills

“I have worked with Ken for 12 years and he is the person with the experience and track record to hit the ground running as our next Mayor.”


galvin  Mayor Galvin in Farmington

‘Ken Massey and I have collaborated on a few things, he has demonstrated his ability to bring people to solve common problems. As the next Mayor of Farmington Hills, I am confident he will be a great partner in continuing to bring our two cities closer together.’


ellis  Jerry Ellis, former Mayor of Farmington Hills:

“Ken has been an integral part of keeping Farmington Hills as one of the safest and most fiscally responsible cities in Michigan.  He is my unquestioned choice for Mayor.”


Bruce    Knol     lerner      steckloff

Randy Bruce, Valerie Knol, Richard Lerner, Samantha Steckloff

“We, the members of the Farmington Hills City Council, are asking our residents to vote for Dr. Ken Massey to be our next mayor.”


Jeffries Eunice Myles Jeffries  Foundation Director, Children, Youth and Families

“I have greatly appreciated Ken’s strong and consistent support of our community’s children and families.”


It is important for voters to have some insight into the background of candidates they are considering representing them. Candidates for office must have the capacity to obtain information from a variety of sources, evaluate this information and make logical decisions based on the information. Additionally, the representative should be motivated to be involved in the community and participate in its growth. This motivation must be based on an interest in serving the community without an underlying agenda for personal gain.

These pages contain biographical and background information on Ken. As a candidate for Mayor, Ken is continuing his history of involvement and service in his community. This page is intended to provide the residents of Farmington Hills with the highlights of this history.

As you read these pages, notice that the consistent threads of service to the public, importance of education and desire to make a contribution link Ken’s background experiences. From the community service project Ken accomplished to earn his Eagle Scout Rank, through his work in public safety, to his current profession as a scientist and educator, the desire to get involved is illustrated.  His service on the Farmington Hills City Council is an extension of that commitment to community involvement.